Laya Yoga - The Highest Form of Yoga

Laya Yoga is one facet of the Art of Yoga. It is regarded as the highest form of yoga. It is the pinnacle, the zenith of ones quest for inner peace and dialogue with ones soul and tuning with universal energy. Laya Yoga originates from one of the oldest of four Hindu spiritual traditions called Shaiva (Shaivism). Shaivites followed instructions and guidance of Hindu deity Shiva - The Creator, Preserver, Destroyer Revealer and Concealer of all that is. Practice of Spiritualism popular in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and parts of Asia.
Laya Yoga has its origins in remotest antiquity and has been introduced to the West by Yogi Shree Himalaya Swami who learnt the traditions and exercises from Yogis in the Himalayan region where he undertook his training. He has reshaped the discipline and made it relevant for contemporary living.

Swami Śyam Lalita Mohan Baba-ji - Acharyacharya Swami Lalit Mohan G. K. Laya Yoga Master was born in February 1962 under the water tiger and air aquarius zodiac signs simultaneously. He has been involved in a vast range of activities associated with spiritual development, including esoterics, aikido, yoga and sufi, since the year 1975. In January 1983 He received his initiation into Laya Yoga from the hands of Swami Baba Shyam Charan Ananda Shiva from Darjeeling, through direct transmission (Dikshan - Darshan), which took place in the Holy Presence of His Guru. He was granted the right to spread the ancient teachings and practices in 1986, when he started conducting courses on chakras. Since 1989 he has also been imparting initiatory transmissions concerning the ancient path of Laya Yoga, as he is one of innumerous teachers in the West who have the full powers of transmission, covering the entire Himavanti path of Laya Yoga and Tantra.

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