Singer Songwritter & Painter
I was born with a vision…. I would be a singer and an artist. As a child, the table was my stage, a carrot my microphone and a chair, my easel. I painted everything I came across and was inseparable from my Walkman. Only when I fell asleep could my parents gently remove my headphones. I left Poland with my family when I was 8 years old and Wuppertal (Germany) became my hometown. I went to school and furthered my studies in art at the design school. After obtaining my university entrance diploma, I travelled across Europe. The wisdom, cultures, costumes, and traditions of the different people around the world totally fascinate me. That’s how I immerse myself with knowledge about anthropology. We must respect the value of native people and tribes, their traditions, ancient knowledge and understanding of nature and how this should not be exploited. World music is my source of inspiration for my paintings and my songs. When I listen to music, it carries me to a different dimension of beautiful visions and inner feelings. Music takes me deeper into my paintings. Since 2009, my canvases and musical compositions have served as a visual and acoustic doorway through which one may enter into my world.
"My music is heavily influenced by my fascination with the wisdom of the indigenous people around the world and their reflection on a life according to natural laws, which are also found in each of us. I want to sensitize the listener to this original force and make it clear that the traditions of the indigenous people would have been better used to understanding nature and not exploiting it. Through this return to natural laws, a different way of dealing with one's own self and a deep connection with creation is entirely possible. My music is also a personal message to people who have lost themselves in their life structures and who yearn for more fulfillment in their lives. It’s an inspiration for them to follow their own true destinies.  I want to encourage people to follow the voice of the heart.The rhythm of my songs underlines our proximity to nature and Mother Earth. The musical setting is very versatile and I take the liberty of using everything that elates and inspires me. My album is generally acoustic and the songs will almost certainly be classified as “World Music”.
 However, they include influences from blues, jazz, ethnic sounds and funk too."
Amiya - firmenseite