Music, Lyrics & Arrangement by Amiya.
All Vocals and Ethnic Drums by Amiya.
Guitars, Production & Co Arrangement by Andrea Galluccio
Music Video created and produced by Horst Jesue Wegener

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"Dusza Slowianska (Slavic Soul)

I dedicate my new Song to my Slavic Ancestors, the Pagan Traditions and Spiritual Way of Life, which used to be deep rooted in Polish History.
In this toughs times of my homeland, where religious fanatics try to offend the human rights and destroy the true History, This Song is my respond.
For all of You, who don’t understand my Mother Tongue, 
here a translation:

I am Your Daughter, My Soul is Slavic.
The Winds blow, a sweet Memory,
Of horses running through your fields.
The smell of a sacred fire, in a Ceremonial Family Circle.
Where Woods full of Magic,
The voices of Gods are born.

I am Your Daughter, My Blood sings,
in the Rhythm of Drums, of an ancient Dance.
Where my Ancestors used to Step solid.
It lives in me and will continue in my descendant,
The Being of Your true Nature.
The Songs are swinging in the deepest corner of my Heart,
and are reborn with its beating.

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from the Album 'Soul Dance'

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